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Gallery I - Paintings

This is a preliminary gallery of some of Brandon's work. Other Galleries on this site contain his single-image, lotto silkscreen prints, as well as his drawings and sketches, and collaborations. New images and titles will be added soon. If you have contributions, please send them to dana.cain@att.net. Thank you.

Brandon worked primarily in acrylic paint, often using silkscreen techniques.

Hyper-Slick Lotto Paintings, 2006

"Hyper-Slick ...refers not only to the slick (commercial looking) imagery but also to the slick (surface sheen) of the gel medium layering techniques I now use. My slick imagery is now embedded in slick layers of clear media thus giving my work literal and metaphorically layers of meaning."

 Unititled, 6" x 36", acrylic media, 2006. This was Brandon's last signed, finished piece.


 Freudy-Four. 8" x 8",  acrylic media, 2006 (Oedipus Red) 32" x 24", acrylic media, 2006 (Killjoy) 15" x 17", acrylic media, 2006 (The Enigma of Venus), 15" x 17", acrylic media, 2006

 Bunny, 36" x 6", acrylic media, 2006. Illustrating the luminous spot-sheen seen under certain lighting. acrylic media, 2006. Currently in show at Denver Public Library, 5th Floor


Lotto Paintings, 2002 - 2006 72" x 60", acrylic, 2005

 10. Airplane. 17" x 15", acrylic media, 2004, 36" x 48", acrylic. 2003. Collection of Daniel Doyle 36" x 48", acrylic media, 2002.



Teen Angst Tailspin. acrylic on canvas, 24 x 84. Collection of Dana Cain.


More paintings may be viewed in the EARLY WORK gallery.






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